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Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat (Picture 1)


Folding, as the name of the meaning of the ear, downward, downward, and this feature of the fold cat is the result of gene mutation. The earliest fold cat was found near a farm in Scotland in 1961, but the ear has only one fold, and people continue to selectively reproduce this feature, let their ear creases are initially It turned into two to three, and finally, we would be able to cultivate a discount cat with a very personality profile.

In addition to the sound of the cute, the cat is not a round, the eating of the watery and the round face, the top-up ear is now flattering the head, making its face integrity stronger This is not much found in the browning, but also captures a lot of jumps in success. Although this type of shape is better than straightforward, it is a congenital disability, which is a congenital disability, and this is a lifetime for these long-await, gentle calm cats. Sleep.

In the early 1970s, the British Genetologist Oliphantjackson published a research report that the report clearly pointed out that the Scottish discount cat has a bone problem, and the root cause of the problem is the genetic phenomenon that the parents are all made of the parent. It is proposed that the health of the breed must be terminated and the aura. Scottish Fold Cats have inherited the character of disturbing, so their adaptability is relatively strong, and it is possible to calm for strange environments.

The cat is proud, and the effect is small in the process of cultivating a cat. The post-punishment is even more harmful, because the cat will not link the previous error behavior and the punishment, but will be confused by the owner's attitude. It will destroy the cat's feelings and trust in the cat, so when I do something wrong, I can understand that the owner can understand the owner.

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