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Farabella Pony, Horse

Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 1)


The Falabella pony is a miniature horse breed native to Argentina, bred by the British Shetland ponies, and named after its breeder Julio C. Falabella. Falabella has been bred in Argentina for more than 150 years. The horse is the smallest horse breed in the world, generally only 5-7 palms high (about 50-70 cm), very slender and compact, and the size is only equivalent to a medium-sized pet dog, while the largest horse in the world can reach 19 palms high (about 190 cm). Cm), Farabella is a rare animal. There are no more than 2,000 purebred Farabella ponies in the world, and more than 600 of them are in the United States. The main countries that breed this horse are the United States, Britain, Argentina and Ireland. The breeding of thoroughbred Farabella is very strict. Once the pedigree of the stallion is tainted, it will never be able to produce offspring of thoroughbred horses. Even 87.5% of Farabella horses cannot be called purebred Farabella. The Falabella horse breed has been bred with various colors, including pure black, pure white, red rice dumpling, chestnut, brown, black and white markings, black and white spots, brown with white spots, etc.

Since the 19th century, people have tried to domesticate and breed super-small horses for entertainment for entertainment. Among the 20 kinds of domesticated small horses, the British horse named "Shetland" is the smallest and exquisite. This horse is named after the Shetland Islands where it is produced. The Shetland Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean very close to the Arctic Circle in the north of the United Kingdom. The climate on the islands is extremely cold. A small horse can only be called a small horse with a height below about 148 cm, and most Shetland horses are only about 100 cm tall. This kind of small horse is very docile and strong, so it was first used in ore mining and used as animal power to transport heavy objects. Later, it was gradually trained as a play animal. Later, with the large number of British immigrants, this kind of small horses also entered the United States, Argentina and other countries, and they were universally loved by people. Groups for breeding ponies were established in various places. The ponies bred by people in Europe and the United States are descendants of Shetland ponies, but they are shorter than their ancestors. Among them is a pony called Falabella, which is only 38.1 cm tall and weighs only 9.07 kg. , Equivalent to the size of a small and medium-sized dog. Small horses are popular among European and American children who dream of knights or cowboys.

As one of the most mysterious horse breeds in the world, Falabella has a light and elegant figure, smooth and silky skin, bright hair, noble blood, smart and brave, gentle temperament, and gets along well with children. Its fascinating nature makes It becomes a perfect pet. The Falabella pony is lively, easy to be tamed and easy to train. It can give the owner the fun of all large horses without so many requirements for transportation and venues. You don’t need to own a horse farm, you can also enjoy the fun of raising horses. Having the smallest horse in the world is a cool thing and a symbol of identity and wealth. The most precious gift that President John F. Kennedy received during his visit to Argentina in 1963 was A purebred Farabella pony. It is no exaggeration to say that Ferrari is a living BMW, a living Ferrari.

The British Shetland pony is native to the Shetland Islands of the United Kingdom and has spread all over the world for 100 years. The scientific and technological research on Shetland pony has been very advanced, and it has been dwarfed to a height of 70-86cm. Shetland pony is a world-famous pony breed. It is not only a pet of the royal nobles, but also a close companion of children. It can be used for children to ride, and can also be used to pull a carriage to participate in competitions. Shetland pony originated on Shetland Island in northeastern Scotland, and named after it. However, its origin is still not very clear, and the history can be traced back many centuries. The Shetland pony is a strong, sturdy pony breed. Shetland pony is very adaptable to the natural environment, resistant to rough feeding, and has two coats in winter to protect it from the cold. Before the 18th century, the Shetland pony basically had no breeding work. The Shetland Pony Association was established in 1890 and began to pay attention to the breeding and improvement of Shetland pony. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom was the honorary president of the Shetland Pony Registration Society, and the British royal nobles especially preferred and valued Shetland pony.

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