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Tabby cat

Tabby cat (Picture 1)


Tabby cat, original US. The yellow-brown color is made of pure black, and there is a shallow copper-shaped ring surrounded. The tabby cat is round, the two ear is closer, the neck is short, the muscles are developed. The eyes are large and bright, with a circular apricot nucleus, the color can be accepted from yellow, gold to green, usually an eyeliner. The nose is a brick red, with a nasal line. The hair is short and thick, and the texture is hard. Independent, lively, alarm. The ability to mouse is strong.

Tiger-sphinic cats will feel strong, and the balance is excellent. The back of the hair can be divided into long hair and short hair, the streaks are beautiful. Due to the streaks of the wild raccoon, we usually call it a raccoon. There is a m-shaped spotted, and the corner has a coherent extension line, neck, limbs and tails. The cyclic stream, the body is a complete fish bone stab, or leopard spot.

Tiger spot cat covers the behavior of manure, it is entirely due to life, it is from the ancestors. The ancestors of tabby cats - wild tiger cats, in order to prevent natural enemies from finding it from their feces, track it, then cover the feces. This kind of behavior of modern tabby cats has nothing to do in this way, but the tabby cat has won the good reputation of hygiene.

Tabby cat's nails are the best weapons used to climb, hunt and defense. Usually, tabby cats will continue to look for rough object surface grinding, in addition to using scratches to mark the territory, it is also necessary to make the outer end of the nails in front of the nails in this manner to expose the lowermost newborns. Written claw is a kind of instinct of tabby cats, which in this way "maintenance" nails.

Tabs still maintain the habit of the meat animals, many activities (such as mirrors, seeking closing) are often carried out at night. Tabby cats the most active moment every day in dawn or evening, while most of the day is lazy to rest or sleep. Tabby cat is independent, lively and active, clever wit, and the change of the surrounding environment is very sensitive, and the owner shows a very dependence, once the owner has changed, it will cause varying degrees of damage to their psychology.

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