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Rabbit with big ears

Rabbit with big ears (Picture 1)


Rabbits have tubular longers, cluster short tails, and much more strong back legs than previous limbs. A total of 9 belongings 43. In the eastern part of Asia, southern, Africa and North America, a small number of species is distributed in Europe and South America, some of which are widely distributed or introduced in many regions, and many distributions are very limited. Landsia, more than desert, deserted grassland, tropical, dry grassland and forest or woods. Classification from the body, can be divided into large rabbits, medium rabbits and small rabbits, large rabbits of about 5 to 8 kg, the weight of medium-sized rabbits is about 2 to 4 kg, and the weight of small rabbits is about 2 kg. . Most of the rabbit is white, black, gray, gray, gray brown, yellow gray, light soil yellow, and splice.

Rabbit is a kind of timid animal, suddenly noisy, glowing and strange animals, such as cat dogs, etc. will make it panic. In feeding management, we should try to avoid the sound of rabbits panic, but also to prohibit strangers and cats and other entering the rabbit. The hearing of rabbits is sensitive, sensitive, but it is afraid to run. Its home has a lot of holes to avoid the enemy. They only returned along their footprints in winter. When the rabbit adult, the rabbit may have a winding. Winding is a kind of behavior that loves love, sometimes it will also send a screaming.

The rabbit is under normal circumstances, no bathings in a lifetime, because the rabbit's self-cleaning ability is extremely strong, in the animal industry, the rabbit is a clean animal. The rabbit is okay to take a bath to yourself. If the rabbit is dirty, you should first determine whether it is sick, because the rabbit is not dirty under normal circumstances, including the hair on the butt, is also very clean. If the fur in the bunny butt, it is a rabbit diarrhea; if the rabbit is bullish, it is a lotus; if the nose is dirty, it is nose. So the rabbit dirty, first should determine the reason, not blind bath, this often covers the condition, and will degrade the condition because of bathing. Under normal circumstances, the rabbit will clean it yourself.

Due to unlook the hunger, especially when you encounter a good level, you will be desperate, or the time is hungry. When you feed it again, you will be desperately eaten. This is dangerous because the gastrointestinal function of the rabbit has not yet developed. When you eat a lot of food, it is easy to cause dumping. This disease is the disease that is easy to get, and the treatment effect is very good after the disease. It is easy to cause death! So the best way is to prevent, for rabbit grains and alfalfa, it is recommended to supply, 30 grams per me, 4 meals, eat 80% full. I encountered the food that the rabbit specially loved food, avoid unlimited supply, touched the bunny's belly with hands, if it is already round, stop supply immediately.

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