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Mimosa (Picture 1)


Mimosa native to tropical America, has been widely spread in tropical regions of the world. Mimosa leaf in case of touch, will immediately close together, the greater the power of touch, get together faster, the entire leaf will be hanging down, like a weak state, the entire action in a few seconds to complete. Mimosa this special ability, it has a certain historical roots. Its hometown is in tropical South America, Brazil, where heavy winds and heavy rains often occur. Whenever the first drop of rain hits the leaves, it immediately leaves closed, petiole drooping to avoid the storm damage it. This is an adaptation to changes in the external environment. In addition, the mimosa movement can also be seen as a self-defense, the animal touched it a little, it closes the leaves, the animals will not eat it.

Mimosa is a wonderful plant that can tell the changing weather. If you touch it by hand, its leaves close quickly, but when it is open is very slow, indicating that the weather will be fine; if you touch the mimosa, the leaves contracted slowly, drooping slowly, and even slightly closed and reopened, This shows that the weather will be cloudy or about to rain. In an earthquake-prone Japan, a study by scientists found that under normal circumstances mimosa leaves open during the day and close at night. If the mimosa leaves appear closed during the day and open at night the anomaly is the harbinger of an earthquake.

Mimosa suitable for balcony, indoor potted flowers. Mimosa habitable, rapid growth. Growing season can be placed on the balcony or in the yard, requires the soil is deep, fertile, moist. Winter should be moved to the indoor windowsill, the indoor temperature of about 10 ℃ can be safe for the winter. Under sunny conditions, the root system grows quickly and requires daily watering. Summer hot and dry should be early and late pouring a water, lack of water, the leaves will sag and even yellow, the touch is no longer closed. Seedling stage topdressing fertilizer every half month. If you do not want to plant shape is too large, we must reduce the amount of fertilizer. Mimosa leaflets small, plume-shaped arrangement, throwing hands touches the lobular after stimulation, the line close, if the vibration is large, the stimulus can spread to the whole leaf, the total petiole will sag, and may even be transmitted to the adjacent leaves, petiole sag.

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