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Edelweiss flower

Edelweiss flower (Picture 1)


Edelweiss is a perennial herb. The high altitude of Europe. Is one of the famous alpine flowers, known as the Alps. Switzerland, known as the world's garden, set Edelweiss as a national flower; Austria also uses Edelweiss as a symbol of honor and friendship. Make Edelweiss a national flower.

Edelweiss has about 40 species, distributed in the Asian and European Alps. This flower is usually grown in the Alps at an altitude of 1700 meters above the place, because it is only grown on a very rare rock surface, which is extremely rare. Edelweiss is a precious flower. Its flowers and leaves are beautiful, small and exquisite plant shape, leaves silver and gorgeous pretty, white inflorescence like snow, simple and generous. At the same time it has the advantages of drought resistance, resistance to barren, but also perennial herb, it is particularly suitable for planting or potted ornamental garden.

In Austria, Edelweiss symbolizes bravery, because the wild Edelweiss grows in the arid mountains of the environment, ordinary people can not see its beautiful face, so people who have seen Edelweiss are heroes. In the past, many young people in Austria risked their lives, climbed the steep cliffs, only to pick off a Edelweiss dedicated to their sweetheart, because only Edelweiss can represent the sacrifice of all the determination of love.

Edelweiss is known for its unique medicinal value and is used not only in the field of medicine for the treatment of nephritis, but also in the field of beauty. Edelweiss is cold, its essence is rich in minerals, can heat and cool blood, it has a soothing, sedative, whitening and nourishing the role of the skin, it is excellent against skin aging, is the Swiss local women's natural beauty Holy goods. In addition, with the study of Edelweiss's composition and refinement, the researchers found that Edelweiss had a strong detoxification on the skin and removed the acne effect.

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