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Chameleon, camouflage master

Chameleon, camouflage master (Picture 1)


The chameleon possesses special skills. Color change, eye-moving and tongue-out are three sets of special skills it often performs. The chameleon has two barnacle-shaped eyes, and the left and right eyeballs will rotate 360 ​​° respectively. When its left eye is aimed at the front, its right eye is behind him, looking left and right, looking around in all directions, and moving freely. The chameleon's tongue is extremely long, usually coiled in its mouth like a clockwork clockwork. When it found a prey, it suddenly straightened its long tongue and shot it out of the mouth, using the tongue to prey, such as sacs. Chameleon's greatest skill is chameleon. The basic color of its skin is green, but it can change to dark green, light green, purple, blue, brown, etc. at any time, and it can even change the color of "bells and whistles" in various colors.

Chameleons are mainly distributed in Africa, and a few are distributed in Asia and southern Europe. Madagascar Africa is their paradise. There are about 160 kinds of chameleons, mainly distributed on the African continent and Madagascar. Among them, about half of the species live in Madagascar. In Madagascar, the world ’s largest and most unique chameleon community, 59 species are unique to Madagascar. . People are constantly discovering new species, or based on genetic analysis, defining chameleons that are misclassified into subspecies as independent classifications.

The chameleon's actions are very slow, and people use the sloth to metaphorize its careless appearance. Chameleons are reptiles that mainly inhabit trees. Apart from spawning and courtship, they rarely visit the land. When they occasionally crawl on the land, their claws point to the ground, their front and rear feet are flattened out, and they are outwards. Obviously, the chameleon, which can effectively adapt to the gait crawling on trees and grass, not only cannot hide itself on land, Instead, it attracted attention that the chameleon's speed did not exceed 6 meters per minute even when panicking.

Chameleon is because it is good at changing the color of its body at any time with the change of environment. Discoloration is good for hiding oneself and catching prey. The physiological change of discoloration is one kind of statement that is completed by the expansion or contraction of pigment cells in the skin under the control of the vegetative nervous system. The other statement is found in recent research that chameleons do not rely on pigment cells. Discoloration, but by adjusting the nanocrystals on the skin surface, by changing the refraction of light to change color. Discoloration can avoid natural enemies, express feelings, similar to human language. The chameleon is a kind of "mutable" arboreal reptile. In nature, it is well-deserved as a "camouflage master". In order to escape the invasion of natural enemies and approach its own prey, this reptile often changes the body color inadvertently Then integrate yourself into the surrounding environment without moving.

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