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Farabella Pony, Horse

Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 1)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 1)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 2)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 3)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 4)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 5)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 6)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 7)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 8)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 9)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 10)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 11)
Farabella Pony, Horse (Picture 12)

Farabula is the mini-rantrual breeding of Argentina. It is nurtured by the British Triumpima, which is named after its cultivator Julio C. Farabella, and has a history of Argentina over 150 years. Ma is the smallest horse in the world, usually only 5-7 palms (about 50-70 cm), very delicate, size is only equivalent to medium-sized pet dog, and the world's largest Marco 19 palm (about 190 Centimeter), Farabra is a rare animal. The number of censor-blooded rules in the world does not exceed 2000, 600 more than 600 major countries to breed this horse are the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina and Ireland. Wait. The breeding of pure blood law Raibara is very strict. Once the ranks of the horse are tarnished, they will never cultivate pure blood vessel descendants, even if 87.5% Farabra serctures cannot be called pure blood pulsula. Farabrama has cultivated a variety of colors, including pure black, pure white, red scorpion, marrus, brown, black and white lines, black and white spots, brown spots, etc.

Starting from the 19th century, people try to have a super small horse specializing in the play of domestication. In more than 20 domestic small horses, the British horse named "Deslans" is the most small and exquisite. This horse is named after its origin. Set in the north of the UK, the Deland is very close to the Arctic Circle, the island is hot. The height can be called a small horse under approximately 148 cm, and it is only 100 cm in Lanca's height. This kind of small horse is very warm, it is also very strong, so it is initially used in ore mining, began to transport heavy objects, and later gradually trained to play animals. Later, with the large number of immigrants in the British, this small horse has also entered the United States, Argentina and other countries, and has been universally fond of people, and a group of breeding pony has been established. The pony in the European and American people has brought out the descendants of Delands, but the height is more short than their ancestors, one of which is called the law of La Baya, only 38.1 cm, and the weight is only 9.07 kg. It is equivalent to a small and medium-sized dog. Small horses are loved by the Knights or American children with knights or denim dreams.

As one of the most mysterious horses in the world, Farabrah is light and elegant, the skin is smooth, and the hair is bright, the blood is noble, smart and brave, temperate, and it is very good to get along with the child. It is fascinating. It has become a perfect pet, Farabara Pony lives, easy to train, easy to train, you can give you the fun of all major horses of Master, without so many transportation and venues, Master You don't need to have a horse, you can also enjoy the fun of horses. Having the world's smallest horse is a cool thing. It is also a symbol of identity and wealth. John Kennedy's most precious gifts received in 1963. A pure bloodline label pony. It can be said without exaggeration, Farabra is a live BMW, live Ferrari.

The British Tightland Psema is ranked in the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom, and it has spread all over the world in 100 years. It has been very advanced for the scientific research of Tetlan dwarfs, and has been dated to 70-86cm high. It is a famous pony breed in the world. It is both the pet of the royal aristocrats and a close partner. It is available for children to ride, and can also participate in the competition. Turland President originated in Tightland, Northeast, Scotland, Northern Scotland and named this. However, the situation of its origin is still not very clear, and it can still be traced back to many centuries in history. It is a strong and strong pony breed. It is very suitable for the natural environment, resistant to the natural environment, and the winter is two floors in winter. Before the 18th century, settland dwarfs basically did not have a selection of work. In 1890, it was established in the TTT Pleistic Association and began to pay attention to the Breeding and improvement of Tarranaria. The British Queen Elizabeth has served the Honorary President of the Temorathe Registration, and the UK royal aristry is particularly preferred and paying attention to Turland.

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