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Spain architecture style

Spain architecture style (Picture 1)


Spanish architecture is obviously related to its diverse culture. The collision of Christian culture and Muslim culture has brought a strange color to Spanish art, and the Spanish nation is born with a passionate and wild personality. In architecture It reflects the poetic, fantasy, and mythological style, which is often full of rich imagination and romantic feelings.

Bay-style layout: Spain is a maritime country, so "water" is one of the soul elements of the Spanish style. Some Spanish projects usually use water systems and green belts as the separation medium in the space division to distinguish the community from the external nature, from the community space to In the living space, the waterfront breath is scattered in every corner, reflecting the perfect harmony between architecture, water and people.

Hierarchical planning and design: Spanish buildings are usually arranged in a hierarchical manner of high and low, with high and low staggered heights, in line with people's sense of spatial scale. The design of the façade emphasizes the overall sense of hierarchy and spatial expression. Through the transformation of the spatial hierarchy, it breaks the monotony and rigidity of the traditional façade, and its rhythm, proportion and scale conform to the beauty of mathematics.

Innovative townhouses stand alone: ​​Most of the previous townhouses are simple copies of polyjoints, without recognizability and overall sensory effects. In some Spanish construction projects nowadays, designers usually sculpt townhouses in the form of modules, and each household is no longer a simple copy. Such a design is the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery for passers-by and a comfortable living space for the family.

It has typical Spanish architectural elements and characteristics: from red pottery tiles to hand-plastered walls, from curved walls to balcony, iron art, ceramic art pendants, etc., as well as small arches, cultural stone exterior walls, red sloped roofs, The abstract use of symbols such as arc cornices all express the characteristics of the Spanish style.

The materials are simple and the products are completely handmade and refined: the building materials used in Spanish buildings generally give people a mottled, handmade, and relatively old feeling, but they are very visual and ecological, like terracotta, clay firing, Environmental protection, water absorption, etc. can maintain the indoor temperature. Whether in terms of terrain treatment or ironwork, doors and windows and exterior wall construction techniques, Spanish-style buildings can reflect the typical characteristics of hand-built.

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