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China Chen Temple

China Chen Temple (Picture 1)


Chen Clan Temple, located in Guangzhou, China seven Zhongshan Road. Chen Ancestral Hall is Guangdong's existing ancestral temple, full of Guangdong characteristics of art buildings, layout and integrity, exquisite decoration, magnificent, is the national key cultural relics protection units. Since the 21st century, Chen Clan Temple has been named as "Guangzhou Culture Business Card" for twice in the name of "Ancient Temple Li Fang", becoming the most cultural and artistic museum and famous tourist attraction in Lingnan Region.

Chen family temple was built in the Qing Emperor Guangxu 16 to 20 years (1890 to 1894), is the former name of Chen Guangzhou to worship ancestral temples. At that time, the name of Chen in Guangzhou not only more, and the most status. Therefore, they raised funds for this Chen's ancestral hall. Chen Clan Temple is the largest, gorgeous decorated and preserved traditional Lingnan ancestral temple building in Guangdong. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters and its main building area is 6,400 square meters. It consists of 19 single-size buildings. Chen Ancestral Temple focused on the culmination of Guangdong's folk architectural decoration art, clever use of wood carving, brick, stone, gray plastic, pottery, bronze casting and painting and other decorative arts. Its wide range of topics, vivid shapes, rich colors, exquisite workmanship, is a glittering palace of folk art.

Chen Clan Temple not only embodies the form of Chinese architecture, but also rich in local arts and crafts decoration features, manifested in architectural decoration arts, the temple from top to bottom, from outside to inside, all the hall, courtyard, gallery, hall, door, Windows, railing, ridge, extensive use of stone, wood, brick, pottery, clay, gray plastic, iron casting, etc. to be decorated. Both Lou carved stone railing, flowers and birds, moire, inlaid cast iron flowers and other delicacies, and sculpture on the roof of a giant 27 meters long clay sculpture. The largest number of sculpture paintings are the bumper grain harvests reflecting the good wishes of the working people and the prosperity of domestic animals, as well as the good fruits of the South such as pineapples, lychees, star fruit and papaya. Chen Ancestral Hall set the culmination of Guangdong folk arts and crafts, a sculpture of China rare art and architecture.

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