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Sengenburg Museum of Nature

Sengenburg Museum of Nature (Picture 1)


The Sengenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt is the largest nature museum in Germany and one of the most famous first-class museums in the world. In 1763, the famous German doctor and philanthropist Johann Christian Sengenburg sponsored the establishment of the Sengenburg Foundation to promote the development of science. In 1817, under the initiative of Goethe, the great German writer, 32 Frankfurt citizens established the Nature Research Association, and carried out various activities with the support of the Sengenburg Foundation. In 1821, the research society established a "Public Natural Museum Herbarium", which later became the predecessor of the Sengenberg Museum of Nature. With the preparation and funding of the research society, the Sengenberg Museum of Nature was started in Frankfurt in 1904 and completed in 1907.

There are millions of specimens of animals and plants, paleontological fossil specimens, and mineral rock specimens collected from all over the world by the Sengenberg Museum of Nature. Many of the collections are rare treasures. The exhibits of paleontology are very rich, including various ancient fishes, dinosaurs, ichthyosaurs, pterosaurs, archaeopteryx and mammals. The exhibition in the museum is also very particular. For example, in the elephant exhibition hall, the molar tooth fossils of various ancient elephants are used as empirical evidence to reflect the origin and evolution of elephants, and then these elephant fossils are used as the basis to visually draw the elephants in The process map of development, dissemination and evolution on the entire planet gives the audience an intuitive impression. Finally, several elephant skeletons and restoration models of the same size are displayed together with the huge skeletons of modern whales, so that the audience can feel the biological world. In the great world, all kinds of creatures are as strange as "all kinds of frost race freely".

The Sengenberg Museum of Nature has a rich collection, which shows people the changes of the earth and the evolution of various life forms over the past four billion years. The Sengenburg Museum of Nature not only designed and implemented its own exhibitions flawlessly, but also set up a special museum education program. It has become one of the compulsory courses for German primary and middle school students to receive natural science education in the museum. Here, students not only visit, but also answer various questions raised on the visit test paper as a performance assessment. According to the statistics in 1989, the number of visitors to the Sengenburg Museum of Nature this year reached 300,000, of which 45% were adults and 55% were primary and middle school students. The Sengenberg Museum of Nature has become an enlightened university of natural sciences.

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