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Lombard Street, California

Lombard Street, California (Picture 1)


Lombard Street is a famous street in San Francisco, California. The east-west direction of Lombard Street runs through the Fortress Park and Niudong District. The Lombard Street series was initiated by Jasper Offarrell and named after the streets of the same name in Philadelphia. The most well-known section of Lombard Street is the curved flower street on the Russian hills. This street is one-way traffic in the downhill direction. It is the most winding street in the world. There are a total of 8 sharp turns, and it is famous for its many turns. This section of the street with a very steep slope was originally a straight line. Because it was too steep and dangerous, but considering the safety of traffic, in 1923 this section was changed to the current curve and circuitous path.

The section of Lombard Street between Badirek Street and Van Niss Avenue is in line with U.S. National Highway 101. The street stretches to the east. After passing Russia Hill and Telegraph Hill, the east end is the downtown area of ​​San Francisco waterfront. ——Inland river terminal. The most well-known curve flower street design on Lombard Street was first proposed by the owner Carl Henry. This design aims to use length in exchange for space to slow down the slope size (27%) along the line. The entire Jiuquhua Street is 180 meters long, and the straight section is 125.7 meters long, and the pavement is paved with bricks to increase friction. The starting point is marked with a maximum speed limit of 8km/h.

In 1999, the city government set up a special working group on curved streets to try to solve the traffic problems around the corners of Lombard Street. In 2001, the task force decided that it was illegal to close a block permanently for traffic. Instead, the task force decided to enact a summer parking ban in the area, ban eastbound traffic on major festivals, and increase fines for vehicles parked in the area. Although residents have been arguing about the benefits of this solution, the task force proposed the idea of ​​using minibuses to transport tourists to famous neighborhoods, because one of the attractions of visiting the area is driving along the curved part of the street.

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