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Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan (Picture 1)


The Japanese Universal Studios is located in this flower area of ​​Osaka, Japan. On October 28, 1998, the United States Active Actor, California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, opened on March 31, 2001. Osaka Global Studios was jointly investive by the US Global Video Corporation and Osaka Municipal Government and several Japanese companies, started in October 1998, costing $ 2 billion. There are all kinds of parent-child recreation facilities in the studio, and there are Japanese characteristic cartoon characters, and it is a movie theme amusement park, divided into New York District, Hollywood District, San Francisco, Harry Potter's magic world, water world, goodwill Village, gorgeous, 8 areas of Jurassic Park.

On March 31, 2001, "Japan Universal Studios" was officially unveiled in Osaka City, and the hardist superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger represents Hollywood's peers to host the opening ceremony, attracting tens of thousands of Japanese fans on the spot. The game has 30,000 people. In order to build this studio, Japan and the United States have investing about 170 billion yen, spent 6 years of engineering time. All facilities in the garden are not from the United States, which is completely customized by "Global Studios". In the studio, you can not only play the original "Jurassic Park" "Indiana Jones", "Back to the future", but also see star performance. The initial ticket price is 5,500 yen, and the fare of the Tokyo Disneyland is flat.

From October 4, 2012 to November 11, 2012, Japan Global Studios made a "biochemical crisis" theme park. The park's environment will be exactly the same as Capcom and the raccoon city, and there will be the image of the staff to dress up into the zombies to interact with tourists. Japan's Global Studios 3D Recreational Facilities will be transformed into a new facility in the "Biochemical Crisis" "Umbrella Corporation: T-Virus Escape", tourists can follow the design route Escape this facility and experience stimuli.

November 2013 Japanese Global Studios increased by 16% compared with the 2012 episode of 1020,000, and the same period was new. The increase in passenger traffic is due to the new amusement facilities "Spider-Her Sony Adventures Travel Tour" is welcomed. On July 15, 2014, the Japanese Global Studios had opened the opening of the Harry Potter Park expanded from 45 billion yen. There will be a number of attractions and games in the new park, including the magic school, Hogmod Village, and 4K super HD images in Hoggardz, and special sound effects, tourists can experience the air with Harry Potter. adventure. Global Studios 2016 The number of people in the park is about 14.6 million, and the highest record is refreshed for three consecutive years. 2020 also established the world's first Mario recreation area.

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