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Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater (Picture 1)


The Ngorongoro Crater is the extinct crater in the Great Rift Valley in northern Tanzania. It is home to a variety of animals and is the heart of the Ngorongoro National Park. The shape is very similar to the lunar crater. The Ngorongoro Crater is the most perfect crater in the world. A complete ecosystem makes it one of the new world wonders, known as the “Eden of Africa”.

Ngorongoro is a volcano in northern Tanzania. It has stopped erupting for at least 2 million years, and it has probably existed for 2.3 million years. When the volcano was still active, many eruptions exploded to the top of the volcano, leaving a perfect bowl-shaped crater. This is the largest crater in the world. The local Masai migrated around and hunted the cattle for water and food. They use cows to measure wealth, and rarely hunted wild animals or hunted. The Masais are noble and elegant, they dye their hair red and wear a twilight robes with shoulders.

The Ngorongoro Crater is the second largest crater in the world. In the northern part of Tanzania, 128 km from Arusha, the highest point is 2135 meters above sea level. The crater has a diameter of 18 kilometers, a depth of 610 meters and a bottom area of ​​310 square kilometers. The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. Tourist attraction. The surrounding scenery is beautiful, with more than 30,000 wild animals, mainly zebras, gazelle, big-horned gazelles, leopards, badgers, wildebeests, black rhinos, etc., which has become a wildlife park. There are many springs and a large blue lagoon. They don't completely dry up even in the hottest hours.

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