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Winter alps

Winter alps (Picture 1)


The Alps is the highest mountain range in Europe. It is located in parts of the six countries of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, mainly in Switzerland and Austria. From the west to the Mediterranean coast near Nice in the southeast of France, it extends in an arc to the north and east, passes through northern Italy, southern Switzerland, Liechtenstein, southwest Germany, and ends in the Vienna Basin in Austria in the east. The Alps are also a huge watershed. Many large rivers in Europe, such as the Danube, Rhine, Po, and Rhone, originate here. The upper reaches of all rivers have the characteristics of typical mountain rivers, with turbulent currents and abundant hydraulic resources.

The scenery of the Alps is very fascinating. It is a world-famous scenic spot and tourist attraction. It is called "the palace of nature" and "the real landscape exhibition hall" by the world. This is also a mecca for snow sports, a paradise for explorers. The mountain glacier presents a polar scenery, and is a mountaineering, skiing and tourist attraction. Glaciers in the Alps form many lakes. The largest lake is Lake Geneva, in addition to the four forest states, Lake Zurich, Lake Constance, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. The beautiful Lake District is a tourist attraction.

The western and central Alps are pleasantly landscaped, with modern hotels, ski slopes and climbing chairs. Winter skiing attracts a lot of tourists. Many villages and towns between the foothills and the valleys have beautiful scenery and elegant surroundings, and a large number of tourists come here every year. In addition, the Alps is also a must for the Tour de France every year. A large number of tourists are attracted by these two golden signs each year. While admiring the beauty of the Alps, watching the Tour de France on the spot, standing by the road for athletes Come on cheer.

The Alps provide European drinking water, irrigation and hydroelectric power. Although it covers only 11% of Europe, it provides more than 90% of Europe's water resources, especially in dry regions and summer. Almost 80% of water in cities such as Milan depends on the Alps. There are more than 500 hydropower plants in the river basin, with a capacity of 2,900 kilowatts. Other rivers, such as the Danube, also originate from the Alps. The Rhone is the second largest source of water in the Mediterranean, after the Nile; glaciers melt into the water of the Rhone, flow into Lake Geneva, and then flow to France, where it is also used to cool nuclear power plants. The Rhine originates from a 30km² area in Switzerland and accounts for about 60% of Switzerland's water output.

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