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Magical comet

Magical comet (Picture 1)


Comet, is into the solar system, is the brightness and shape will change with the distance around the sun movement of the celestial bodies, was a cloudy appearance. Comet is divided into comet nuclei, comet hair, comet tail three parts. Comet nucleus consists of ice material, when the comet close to the stars, the comet material sublimation, in the comet around the nucleus to form a hazy comet hair and a thin material flow composed of comet tail. Due to the pressure of the solar wind, the comet tail always points to the opposite direction of the sun to form a very long comet tail. Comet tail is generally tens of millions of kilometers long, up to hundreds of millions of kilometers. The shape of the comet like a broom, so commonly known as broom stars. The comet's orbit is mostly parabolic or hyperbolic, with a few elliptical. At present, it has been found that there are more than 1700 comets running around the sun. The famous Halley comet around the sun movement time for 76 years.

The comet does not have a fixed volume, it is very small when it is away from the sun; when close to the sun, comet hair becomes bigger and bigger, comet tail becomes longer, the volume becomes very large. Comet tail up to a maximum of more than 200 million kilometers. The comet's mass is very small, and the average density of the comet nuclei is 1 gram per cubic centimeter. Comet hair and comet tail material is extremely thin, its quality only the total mass of 1 to 5 %, or even smaller. Comet material is mainly composed of water, ammonia, methane, cyanide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other components, and comet nuclear is condensed into ice water, carbon dioxide, ammonia and dust particles mixed composition, is a "dirty snowball."

The origin of the comet is an unsolved mystery. It was suggested that there was a large comet in the periphery of the solar system, where there were about 100 billion comets called Orteville, and some of the comets entered the interior of the solar system due to the influence of other stars, and some comets escaped due to the influence of Jupiter The solar system, and others being "caught" as short-cycle comets; others think that the comet is formed near Jupiter or other planets; others think that the comet is formed in the remote areas of the solar system; even some people think that the comet is outside the solar system visitors; Because cyclical comets have been collapsing, there must be some way to produce new comets in place of old comets. One possible way is at the radius of the astronomical unit of the sun 105, where billions of comets are in various directions Revolving around the sun, the concept was supported by the observer.

Meteor and comet are not necessarily linked, but mostly produced by comets. Meteor is the interplanetary space of dust particles and solid block into the Earth's atmosphere with the atmosphere of friction generated by the track. If they are not burned in the atmosphere, fell to the ground was called "meteorite." The meteorite was originally around the sun, and when it was near the earth, it was influenced by the gravitational force of the earth, changing the orbit and entering the earth's atmosphere. Many meteors from the stars in a point out of the radiation spread, which is meteor shower. The meteorite is the rest of the solar system in the larger meteor into the earth's atmosphere is not completely burned to the rest, it gives us a wealth of solar system formation and evolution of the information, is a welcome uninvited guest. Every day about billions of meteoroids into the Earth's atmosphere, their total mass of up to 20 tons.

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